Questioning power

The work that we are undertaking at this time in respect to voice, silence and power in organisational life is raising all manner of issues arising out of people’s experiences over the past 18+ months.

Presently, we are collecting responses to an anonymised survey, which is asking people to offer a quick sense of how things have been for them – and to share any detailed experiences or observations.

Longer term, we would love to speak directly to people about these matters. In the meantime, here’s the link to the survey; we’d be delighted if you could find time and motivation to complete it…

We offered a while back a list of questions as a starting point for people eager to undertake a collective inquiry on their experiences of power in the workplace when organisations are being stress tested by the current situation. This is certainly not a definitive or comprehensive list – but simply offers a steer towards how a conversation might be encouraged to unfold on these topics.

We produce that material here, in the hope that it might be of use to all those seeking to sense-make and offer different perspectives in regard to power in organisations:

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